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photo booth miami

Brand Boost

    A photo or video booth experience is an absolute essential for brand activation, and here's why: With every shared photo, your brand spreads like wildfire across social feeds, leaving a lasting impression. And let's not forget about data capture - invaluable insights into your audience right at your fingertips.


It's not just about capturing moments; it's about cultivating connections and nurturing a dynamic company culture.


Valuable insights into various aspects of user engagement, such as the number of content taken, social media shares, demographics of users, popular times for usage, and more.


Data collection


Number of content taken


analytics photo booth


Estimated Reach and Impressions


Share Distribuiton


Popular times of usage

Access to all content

Essential Features

social media sharing photo booth

Brand Visibility

Engage with your audience in a memorable way by allowing them to share their content on social media, or keep them as souvenirs.

social media engagment

Social Media Engament

Empower your guests to engage across all social platforms with our seamless social media integration

wrapped digital booth

Customization Options

Unlock endless possibilities with our tailored customization options.

Latest Technology

Explore the forefront of experiential trends, innovative photo booths, and cutting-edge features in technology.

Fully Custom Experience

Photo Booth in Miami

Customize the full experience from beginning to end. You make it happen!

Elevate your brand with our stunning array of offerings:

Branded Backdrop
Branded Vinyl Wrapping Booth
Intro and Outro Video
Red carpet Experience
Custom Experience
and more..

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